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How Embossing is giving Beer Bottles a Makeover

When it comes to beer, it seems that many breweries put as much work into the design of the bottle as they do brewing the liquid within. Recently, several brewing companies gave their beer bottles a makeover – not just the labels, but the bottles themselves. Fuller’s London Pride When Fuller’s decided to redesign its flagship […]

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Love Craft Beer? Remember these Key Brewing Terms

Beer lovers everywhere enjoy a nice, relaxing drink at the end of the day. In the U.S., craft beer is becoming a more popular option for millions of people, leading to the rise of many new terms that consumers aren’t aware of. It might be hard to know exactly what you’re drinking when restaurant and […]

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Craft Breweries Utilizing Sustainable Brewing Practices

The rise of microbrewing has also brought the heightened consciousness of sustainable energy and sustainable brewing practices in the craft beer industry. Almost every detail of creating craft beer, from the ingredients to disposing of fused materials does its part in the go-green movement. The nature of craft beer culture involves particular attention to the […]

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In Terms of Craft Beer, it’s all in the Details

The rise of craft beer has been a long time coming. NPR noted there are now more craft breweries in the U.S. than there have ever been since the 19th century. While mass-produced corporate beers still make up the large majority of the total beer market, and will likely continue to do so for some time, […]

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Craft Brew Production has Surged in 2014

The Year of the Brewer 2014 was a big year for craft beer brewers. According to the preliminary numbers released by Brewers Association, last year craft brewers reached a high-water mark by accounting for 11 percent volume share of the marketplace, including an estimated 22.2 million barrels of beer brewed, an 18 percent rise in […]

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