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Up your Growler Game with Growler Tags for your Brewery (Infographic)

More than mere Jug Jewelry

Growler tags may not be as big and flashy as our metal signs, but they can still make a big impact in the name of your beer. They can add that extra touch of excitement to those half gallon glass treasure chests that you dole out on the daily. These little trinkets can be collectibles, sure, but let’s ponder a moment the other possibilities available when cuffing your jugs with growler tags. If you mosey on down the page there is an infographic that shows a couple of the different uses for these tiny metal discs.

Growler tags infographic

Brewing allows us to share our craft and passion with others. Sharing a beer with a good friend, or even a stranger, forms a great bond over the common love of beer and its craft. As a brewer you want your beer to be on everyone’s lips. Drinking it and talking about it. Growler tags can help develop new beer buddies and loyal drinkers. Head on over to our page for the tags and start putting your little bit of flair on your growlers.

If you’re thinking “I need something bigger” then head over to check out our abilities at making top notch signs for your brewery. Salud!

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