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Oklahoma breweries still recovering from tornadoes

When deadly tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma last May, they left a massive amount of damage in their wake. Among the homes, schools and businesses that were destroyed were three breweries – Mustang, Black Mesa and Anthem, which all depended on the OK City Brewing Co-op to help make their products. According to The Oklahoman, Mustang and Black Mesa were able to leverage their relationships with other breweries to continue churning out their products.

However, Anthem had to pause its production as it recovered from the storms. But instead of sitting and waiting for business at the OK City Brewing Co-op to get back up and running, brewmaster Matt Anthony has used the interim to update his products.

Beer VatAs of January, Anthony told The Oklahoman that he had secured a new building near downtown Oklahoma City and has been slowly adding brewing equipment. He is now preparing to introduce six new beers: Golden One, Arjuna, Uroboros, Altaïr, Vega and Quadrivium.

There is also more to come, according to Anthony.

“We also have a few special release beers that will be rolling out before the end of spring,” he told The Oklahoman. “One of which is a sour. There will be quite a few special release beers that we’ll roll out every year. That was the plan from the beginning of Anthem, and I’m extremely thankful that I can finally brew and release them. It feels like our first year out we were in beta, and now we’re finally getting to be what I always envisioned for Anthem. It’s going to be a great year with a lot of new beer. And hopefully no more brewery-destroying tornadoes.”

The look of the new beers
More recently, Anthony received label approval from federal regulators for two of his new beers. These designs will go on cans that should hit store shelves by spring, as well as the custom decal stickers found on kegs. The labels were approved as of late February, and The Oklahoman predicts that consumers could see them on sale in a few weeks.

Golden One, a Belgian-style blonde ale features a drawing of a blonde woman against a blue backdrop and the words “Assertive. Beautiful. Complex.” across the top, along with some suggested food pairings.

Uroboros, a Belgian-influenced stout, is considerably less colorful. It simply features a black-and-white label with a gray emblem and the name of the beer, along with a banner reading “Aphotic. Robust. Arcane.”

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